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Dick Darlington's Courtesans

First Yesterday's News...

First Yesterday's News...

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and now this...!!!

Bloody hell, what a week in Moffatland...  
  • Yeah. I sort of might be suqeeing over this myself. Ya know. Subtly, and without much fanfare.
    • yeah, I kinda noticed that... I got some funny looks are work as I attempted to stifle my reaction to your earlier post...

      Wonderful to be able to talk about it at last though, huh?!!
  • Moffatland, that's not a bad idea is it? If Harry Potter can have a theme park why not The Moff? :p
    • Bloody right! Although I suspect we'd all have to wear really tight clothes and be subjected to lame chat-up lines. Even David...
  • "Moffat also talks about rumours that he is to take over from Russell T Davies as head writer on Doctor Who — but you’ll have to buy the paper for that morsel."

    Am I hanging out on the wrong internet fora today, or have I just not seen this snippet commented on anywhere?

    • Now c'mon, its THE STAGE, not a tabloid or DWM... Its not made OG yet - I think tomorrow will be fun though!!
  • World domination is clearly in sight:)
  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, PLEASE !!!
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