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Dick Darlington's Courtesans

...we are all girls in the fireplace...

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Welcome to our boudoir!

You have stumbled upon the lair of Dick Darlington's Courtesans (DDCs, or MoffatWhores to use the common parlance).

Pull up a chaise and make yourself comfortable.

We believe in dragons, dancing and The Nudity Buffer. We believe that the Lord Steven Moffat Esq. will deliver us from a world of humdrum television.

The Rules
1. We are "Friends Only", and fully expect to be R-rated. Please try to remember to make your posts f-locked.
2. Play nice and have fun.
3. PLEASE do not post download links within this community. File sharing is utterly brilliant but also totally illegal. Any such posts will be deleted. You can always post in your own journal, and direct your fellow Courtesans there...
4. No ducking, no diving, no bombing and no petting. (oh go on then, maybe that last one is ok)

Tight clothing and cleavage at the ready, ladies...

* * * * *

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